Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The River and the World

I had to resist the urge to cheer today as I achieved a goal I had set myself of completing the first draft in the sequel to When Bees Die  before the end of the summer.   As I write this it is the last week in August and the book, which I have tentatively entitled The River and the World, has reached 'The End.'   Next will be the editing process which has its own challenges.   

I distract myself by considering covers.   The cover should be bleak, to represent the environment:


But there's no river.

Then again, the cover could reflect the devastating effect on vegetation and crops which the decline and death of bees brought about:

Since the first cover showed an empty honeycomb perhaps this cover should show the effects of deforestation occurring when the trees were killed by the terrorist dispatched fungus:

But I've noticed that some covers are more abstract and seem to not relate to the content or theme of the book.   Or perhaps it just requires deeper thinking to tease out what the author meant.

Could this be a hint that there is still time to prevent catastrophe:

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