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I never mind coming home from vacation.   It isn't that I've had a bad time; it's more that I like my home and where I live.  Coming home from vacation reminds me of that.  Maui is hot, reliably hot, unlike the west coast of British Columbia where a heatwave is news.   But the afternoons on Maui were too hot to be outside, at least for me, and we went from one air-conditioned venue to another in the afternoons.  We applied sunscreen relentlessly, but I have always had doubts about the efficacy of that product.   This time we tried the spray on version.   Less rubbing in but there seemed to be a lot of drift-off of the product and none of the coconut smell.   I still burned on my face and shoulders and relied more on hats and cover-ups and . . . shade!

Maui has different micro-climates as you move around the island.   The hotter, drier regions are around Kihei while the north is cooler.   Any time you go up in elevation, things cool down.   There are many beautiful flowers and birds, but everyone knows that, right?  Lots of gorgeous beaches.

I was interested to discover a little of the history and that Hawaii was taken away from the Hawaiians illegally.   It seems that first some powerful sugar plantation owners and later the need for a military base was the justification for annexing Hawaii.  An apology was given by the government twenty years ago for this action, but Hawaii wasn't given back.    I was surprised that this had been allowed  but I won't comment any further as political controversy isn't my goal on this blog.   

Back to the title of this post.   One important factor about your home--it has your things.   I was using an iPad on vacation.   That will never replace my beloved laptop.   I missed my piano--didn't fit in my bag.   Luckily my pets can't read;  I should have mentioned them first.   Of course, there is something about the moment that occurs when you go to the kennel to pick up your dogs after vacation and they see you for the first time in over a week.   You'd think you were royalty judging by the reception they give you.    And it wasn't just the bacon treats they had missed.   I hope!


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