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The rest of the post title is . . . would smell as sweet.  (Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare).  But does that apply to book titles?  I've been thinking off and on--when I take a break from writing--about the title of the  book I am working on at present which will be the sequel to When Bees Die.  So far I haven't had much luck.

In my experience, some titles come easily.   They seem to leap into my consciousness and immediately become irrevocably associated with the almost finished or just finished manuscript.   But sometimes coming up with a title is a struggle.   How to decide?  I've read articles and posts on this topic like this excellent one by Rachelle Gardner.    She suggests different brainstorming techniques and looking through a site like Amazon's for titles in the same genre.   One thing I always do is check out my proposed title on that site to ensure no one else has used it.   Not that this hasn't been done by others.   Some phrases or word combinations are popular with more than one person, for example Her Heart's Desire.   Lucky for me, I wasn't thinking of using that one!

I've noticed that some authors use the same or similar covers for a series, only changing the title.  Helps with identification, I imagine.   Some place the number in the title so the second book in the series might state on the cover:  Mr. Wonderful Comes Home  -- #2 in Her Heart's Desire series.   That tends to clutter up the cover with a lot of print though.

 A website that supplies a book title generator  might offer assistance.   It just keeps coming up combinations of nouns and verbs  and adjectives once you indicate the genre of either  Romance or Science Fiction/Fantasy.   Did you know something like this existed?   I didn't until recently.

The important thing is to enjoy this process and not become frustrated.   Save that for writing difficult passages.

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