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We're busy people; the to-do list is long, the commute takes longer, the responsibilities are greater. The alarm clock rings earlier.  Was life easier and less complicated thirty, forty or fifty years ago?  One reason for the sturm und drang--the anxiety and stress--individuals feel  may have something to do with the present lifestyle of both parents being in the workforce.   

Modern life is expensive.  It is true that if we lived in the 1000 square foot homes of the 1950's and had only one car that we maintained ourselves and kept for ten years and passed on all the technology we have today . . .   But you can't turn back time, or so it is said.

So we accept that two incomes--preferably two good incomes--are necessary to live a comfortable middle class life in North American cities.    But there's a downside.  With no supportive spouse at home, taking care of the minutiae of repetitive, dare I say boring, tasks involved in every life life, household maintenance has to be done on the fly.   Of course, when it is put like that, who wants to apply for  the  job of domestic engineer--the shopping, the bill paying, walking the dog, the kitty litter?

Who wants that job?  If it's yours, it helps to be appreciated!
Many women--and let's face it, it is often women who are SAHM'S, otherwise known as Stay at Home Moms--put tremendous effort into making it fulfilling for themselves and meaningful for their children.

It does mean that the other half of the couple is free to pursue a career, an education, cultural activities and . . . read  books!   Perhaps it would be better if everything was split evenly so that each person in the couple could pursue half a career or education and spend the other half of their time on life maintenance work.   It seems impossible to arrange.

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