Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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I love music.  I enjoy listening to live music;  I especially like watching the performers and musicians do their thing.   But, I rarely go to large concerts any more.   I suspect it's something to do with the fact that the audience mostly stands up the entire time, so I must as well, if I'm going to see anything.   But that's another thing.   Unless I've bought the most expensive tickets--which are now very expensive--I really can't see very much at all of what is happening on stage.   Oh, I know there is usually a large screen I can watch but that isn't very satisfying.

I prefer smaller, more intimate venues when I go out to listen to music.  I've been watching a BBC program called Later  with Jools Holland as host.   He's a musician in his own right.   On his program, where he is impresario and occasional house pianist,  are featured famous and undiscovered acts together on his program.   There might be The Who on one night playing on the same program as a group from a country in Africa playing a locally styled song.

I play an instrument myself, but not for public consumption.   Still, it's satisfying to transform an assortment of black lines and blobs into Beethoven . . . or Enya.   A little like writing a book.

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