Friday, June 7, 2013

I want it, must have it!

I wrote an earlier post about being in a location with limited entertainment prospects.  You are forced to choose what is available.  Sometimes this works out, other times, not so much.   I was recently in hospital for a few days.   A kind person brought me woman's fashion magazine, the type, I must confess, I haven't picked up for years.   Kind of a Mademoiselle/Glamour clone, if indeed those magazines are still in print.

This particular magazine was almost entirely fashion and geared to, I would say 18 to 35 year olds.  First, I noticed the price of the magazine - $5.99, as much or more than many indie e-books.   More than any of mine.   However, I think I can safely say that there was more advertising than copy and even what ostensibly passed for fashion editorializing seemed suspiciously similar to outright ads.  Books, including e-books, don't benefit from that advertising revenue.

There were a few photographs of up and coming or actual movie and television stars, some singers and athletic types.  A few recipes and a little health news rounded out the offerings.  Mostly the magazine was about clothes and shoes.   The prices were more than I can remember.  Three hundred dollar shoes and five hundred dollar dresses were liberally distributed throughout with the odd under $100 item.  This seems contrary with what I've read of the disposable clothing trend of cheap imports from Asia.

The interesting part to me was that I became caught up in it--at least briefly.   There were so many, many outfits.   Colourful clothing, pretty dresses, exotic shoes.   Before I knew what happened, I felt like shopping!   This must be how shopaholics are born!   One's own clothes, shoes, entire lifestyle, not to mention shape and physique seem entirely lacking.     A new outfit is the easy solution.   Fortunately, I was captive to an intravenous line.   By the time I was ready to go home, the impulse had passed but I had to admire the skilled psychology working behind the scenes.

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