Saturday, May 11, 2013

Whatever you're fishing for!

One of my two cats

I had time to waste on the internet on a recent weekend and decided to read some other author blogs.   I've realized that I started this blog a year ago next month and I've been posting twice a week ever since.  Some writers have been blogging a lot longer.  So far I haven't run out of things to write about.

I visited about  eighteen author blogs and came to realize with a small amount of chagrin, that I have been doing this all wrong.   Many authors write about their books: their covers, their editing, their agents, their release dates.   I do a little of that in that I write if a new book is available.   But since I have the handy Shelfari bookshelf to the right which leads to my books, or most of them, I've decided that's almost enough.  (Since I drafted this, I wrote the previous post which does give more detail.)

It was also confirmed to me, which I have pondered on previously,  that some authors haven't posted for a long time--months or even years.   Perhaps blogging took away too much of their writing time.

Some authors put pictures of their pets on their blogs.  Since I have four adorable pets--two dogs and two cats--I've been depriving my blog readers of the opportunity to see them in all their magnificence.  I also noticed photographs of baking efforts and renovations.

Some blog posters are quite political, scorning this or that politician and particular laws or bills.   Since I'm Canadian, I try to avoid commenting on American politics.    I suppose the closest I come to political comment is some observations I've made in my travels in regards to the poverty that exists in some countries.  

Some sites have contests, freebies, pre-orders and book signing details, advice about dogs, recipes . . .   I could do that.   Maybe.

The conclusion:   Author blogs are diverse and varied and there should be something for everyone.   Kind of like books!  Whatever you're fishing for!

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