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I read this on The Passive Voice today (a post by May from Smexy Books:)

"So as a consumer, I do like to know what I’m getting into. If I’m thinking about starting a series, trying a new book, or especially when I read a book I really like, I immediately visit the author’s website. I want to know if they have books I’m not aware of, what they’ll work on next, and generally any information I need to make note of for future reading goodness.
. . . .
This could be done by having an “about” page for the series, a FAQ page, or just a “thanks for visiting my site, here’s what I’m working on…” type paragraph or two that you keep as up-to-date as possible. Even if the note is “I’m writing the next book, expect it in a 2014”,  or “at this time I am developing a new series, more information to come this summer” this is information I want."

My conscience twigged me when I read this and I felt I had to rectify the situation without too much delay.   You can see the covers of all my books in the Shelfari book shelf to the right.  Here is the list of books with some hopefully useful notes:

Jaswinder Mystery Series:  

First book in series:        Operatory of Death  - takes place in a dental clinic in Surrey, B.C.
Second book in series:   Death at Table 15  -  takes place in a restaurant in Surrey, B.C.
Third book in series:      Counting on Danger  - takes place in Las Vegas
Fourth book in series:    If Llamas Could Talk  - takes place in Surrey, B.C.

These books don't have to be read in order and can stand alone but, if it was me, I would prefer to read them in order.  They do take place chronologically.

The next 'set' of books are my contemporary dystopian fiction.   I've recently read the suggestion that writers should use a different pen name for each genre.   Oops, too late!  There are two books so far in this category:

A New Premise  - a stand alone book
When Bees Die  -  Part 1 of a trilogy.   I'm working on Part 2 at the present.

Finally, as I've recently written, I've ventured into the Romance genre as I know this is a popular one.  The two books are what are described as novellas, that is, shorter than a novel.

First book in series:       Maui:   Here We Come!
Second book in series:  Return to Maui
Now my conscience is somewhat assuaged.   And if I haven't mentioned it before:
                                                 Thanks for visiting my site!!

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