Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In a brief conversation with a colleague at the end of the day the topic of kayak trips came up in regards to her weekend plans.   I think I can easily say that she is more athletic than I am, but nevertheless I have kayaked on occasion and I have one particular kayaking experience which reposes in my collection of special moments in time.   I was in Milford Sound in New Zealand which you can read about here.   It is considered one of the Wonders of the Natural World.   I was on an overnight boat trip and kayaks were launched after dark with only some lanterns from the ship and the multitude of stars overhead for light.   The silence was so profound that my breathing seemed too loud.   It was then that I held my breath long enough to freeze that moment in time somewhere in the file in my mind that has the same title as this post. 

I think many others have adopted a similar practice, although the moments that merit inclusion no doubt vary.   Those instances when time seems to stop progressing and a deep sense of awe or wonder  at the specialness of the time, the instant, the event or activity.   We've accomplished something that took a lot of work and effort, we did something we were afraid to do.   Perhaps we find ourselves in a location so amazing  that we feel privileged to exist in the same space, if only temporarily.

I never seem to have a camera handy at these moments and I'm also convinced that trying to capture the moment on film would diminish the experience.   I might notice instead that my hair is messy.   So, the photograph below is not Milford Sound but rather the Bay of Islands in New Zealand's North Island.   But I can still close my eyes and be inspired by Milford Sound in all its majesty.


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