Saturday, May 4, 2013

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization or SEO  is self-explanatory in its meaning but difficult to achieve in reality.  Think about it:   When you search or Google a word, a phrase, a person, a topic, how many pages do you scroll through before you either find what you are looking for or give up?   Probably not more than two or three.    So the goal of every business, service or book is to locate themselves as near to the top of the first page.  

This is where I stop writing this post and spend two hours googling every possible word that could relate to one of my books and see if, unlikely though it may seem, one of my books pops up.

I'm joking.  I have tried this on Amazon (in the books or Kindle category)  and wrote about it previously and found it quite accurate but to have a book appear in a more general world wide search--now that would be something.  

It seems that the thing to do is to carefully choose the keyword that would bring potential readers of your book and ensure that word or phrase appears one to two percent of the time on each page of your website.   So for example, if I chose the phrase Bees Die to reflect my book When Bees Die, I should repeat that phrase every one hundred words or every five or six lines.    I'm not sure how I could keep working that into any discussion or conversation.   Maybe it could just float around like a piece of lint on the post that everyone has agreed to ignore until some unfortunate person decides to sweep it up.

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