Friday, April 5, 2013



I like to support other writers and bloggers from time to time by purchasing their book(s).  No, I'm in denial!   I love to travel and couldn't resist  How to Travel the World on $50 a Day  by Matt Kepnes, otherwise known as Nomadic Matt.    Although I've travelled a lot, and probably some would say, more than is reasonable, I have never done one of the 'take a year off and see the world' journeys.   That I've read Matt's blog and that of fellow wanderer, Rolf Potts, demonstrates to me that I probably wish I had taken this leap of faith.  I've also signed up to receive regular e-mails from BootsnAll, which designates itself as a one-stop Indie travel centre.   Wait, there's a pattern here:   Indie author . . . indie traveller.  Hmmm.

It's probably no coincidence that these world travellers are single or in a relationship with a like-minded fellow traveller.   I can foresee considerable difficulties in travelling with children and it's not likely you'd leave them behind.   Then there are your pets.   Our lives become complicated with locked-in mortgages, four year car leases, cell phone contracts.

Nowadays, I find I take tours more often than I travel independently.   When I look back over my years of independent travel I must confess that I spent too much time getting lost, waiting at bus depots for delayed transportation or, in one situation, heading towards Moscow instead of Copenhagen when the train I had boarded in Paris divided into two sections, unbeknownst to me.   I was, of course, in the wrong section.

But, in the end, it all makes for a good story to tell friends and acquaintances or perhaps to use as a plot-line in a book.


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