Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Today, I read something which gave me pause.  It seems someone came up with the idea of purchasing items on Amazon and then attempting to auction them on eBay at a higher price.   If the item didn't sell it was returned to Amazon for a full refund.  

 I was almost shocked until I recalled a relative telling me about a contemplated purchase of a particular men's shirt, manufactured in the relative's home country.   It was a little pricey and he wanted to wait to see if it would go on sale.   Sure enough, within a few weeks a  newspaper advertisement for the major department store touted a thirty percent off sale on all men's shirts.   Back he went to the department store and found that this shirt had been re-priced and re-labelled with an original selling price of--you guessed it--30% more.   The sale price just put the cost back to the original price.

Ethics can be in short supply with vendors and purchasers, both large and small.

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