Tuesday, April 16, 2013



I love those occasions when I have time to let the internet lead me to places I find both  topical  and unusual.  Usually the first few websites or blogs are ones I have visited before but when I let myself follow links,  then that site or link leads to yet another--well, that's when it really starts to get interesting.

The problems arise when I want to re-trace my steps the next day and find one of the later sites or blogs again.   First, I check 'history' to see if I perhaps didn't delete the record of  my travels.   If I was more efficient than usual then I just might be stuck.  There's a lesson there.

The internet is not just entertaining but also informative.  On another author blog I read today how to disable the annoying Captcha hoop that commenters must jump through.    Too many times myself, I've had to make several attempts to decipher scribbled non-word and numbers when I've wanted to contribute a comment.   I have, stubborn person that I can be, given up several times.

I have now followed the steps (too simple, really) to disable the feature.   I understand that it can be necessary to keep it in place for bloggers that receive a lot of spam.  But until that happens I will allow all comments.   I will trust my readers to be thoughtful and respectful.

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