Saturday, March 30, 2013


WORDS OF WISDOM from Nathan Bransford (author and former literary agent)

Nathan Bransford has a lot of interesting and useful information, trivia, referrals and details for writers and readers alike.  I check his blog regularly.  Here are some of his suggestions: (used with permission)


Opening your novel with a gimmick is like shaking someone's hand with a hand buzzer. They'll never trust you again.

Authors: No one ever spammed their way to bestsellerdom. Not even to dozensellerdom.

Every novel needs: 1) starting place 2) protag's life knocked ajar 3) character embarks on journey 4) ends up somewhere new.

First person narratives have to pass the elevator test: Would you want to be stuck in an elevator with that person for six hours?

A social media presence won't make your book a bestseller. Use it anyway.

You shouldn't have to talk yourself into an idea. It should talk itself into you.

Be wary of anyone who tries to tell you there's only one way to find successful publication.

The only novels writers regret are the ones they never got around to writing.

Being a writer means researching the strangest things.

Sometimes you stare at a blank screen for an hour and finally come up with one idea. And it's worth it.

If you're not having fun writing it, they're not going to have fun reading it.

In a story-saturated world, really great ideas are very rare and precious. But it's still the execution that counts.

                   Do Nathan's suggestions make you feel like writing?   For those of you with story-telling ability and lots of ideas but who lack keyboarding skills and cringe at the thought of picking up a pen or pencil, there are technological advances like Co-Writer or Dragonspeak.   These computer programs will write down what you speak into the microphone on your computer.    Or there's the old standby of a secretary with steno pad in hand but I suspect those are in short supply and expensive when found.

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