Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Joys of Air Travel

My third offering of a 15 minutes impromptu write from my Writers' Group:



Airports used to be fun places.   You were going someplace exciting, somewhere special.  Your family was there to see you off, even the aunts and uncles, as you flew off to France to spend a semester improving your language skills.   At least,  that had been what sold your parents on the adventure.   Mom tucked a twenty dollar bill into your purse while Grandma gave you a box of chocolates, 'to keep up your strength on the flight, dear.'  You wore your best outfit and your new shoes pinched your feet.  Check-in was quick and with a last hug and kiss to everyone you were off!   Security was non-existent and what would have been the reason for it?   

The meals were terrific and they came every three hours:    freshwater shrimp salad for lunch, filet mignon for dinner a few hours later and then a cute little omelet just before you landed, because, after all, this was morning in Paris.    Why did they call it economy class?

Half the fun was getting there.   Not any more!

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