Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The first of five offerings from my efforts at the Writers' Club where we write to prompts ( phrase, a picture, an object)  In honour of Valentines Day:


                                                   IN OLD SEVILLE 

                                    In old Seville they dance flamenco still,
                                    For tourists now, but the music thrills,
                                    Swirling skirts and stamping feet;
                                    A paisano claps his hands to the beat.

                                    The night is sultry; swarms of bats fly,
                                    Around the cathedral spires they glide
                                    They add their call to the sounds in the air,
                                    The clinking dishes, the pulled back chairs.

                                     Old stones have seen a thousand dance,
                                     Now they stand mute and guard romance,
                                     The music stirs the blood of all,
                                     The dancer waits for the man who doesn't call.            

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