Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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Today I packed away the tree,
Another Christmas gone.
I sat down with a cup of tea
And wondered what went wrong.

The presents chosen to enhance.
And wrapped with tender care
Seemed to warrant only one brief glance.
They're packed away downstairs.

A new solution must be found.
We can't go on this way.
To shop and spend the town around,
Make debts we just can't pay.

I vow next year a change there'll be
We'll all gather 'round for a chat.
And donate instead to charity,
And that will be the end of that.

                                              * * * *

My Christmas wasn't really like that; it was more about a happy coming together during a restful pause in our busy lives.   I wrote those lines in contemplation of  some aspects of excess that are well known to exist.   In my family, we draw names--one each--and buy a gift for that one person.   Except for the children, of course, who do end up with far too many.   There are many charities that do good works and I like to think that most people remember them at the holiday time of year.

I was able to spend time working on the fourth Jaswinder Mystery Novel, as yet untitled, to the extent that the first half is done!

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