Wednesday, December 5, 2012



In one of my novels--now I'll have to stop and think to remember which--one of the characters poses the question as to which is the worst month in the calendar year.   Of course, that depends upon what location you call home.   In tropical climes, July and August can be humid to the point of steaminess and in others spots these months are the rainiest.    The southern hemisphere reverses the seasons except for Australia which must be sunny in all months--at least that was my experience a few years ago in their winter month of July when we jumped the waves at Surfers' Paradise in Queensland.


Jaswinder--I remember now who it was--pontificated that November in the Pacific Northwest, with its incessant rains, could be considered to have the worst weather.  Dark and damp and with soggy ground underneath, we become like moles, leaving for work in the dark and returning in a similar state of moroseness.   But then Jaswinder continues (or is it her friend Manisha who disagrees?) that November is only the worst until January arrives with what is usually the coldest temperatures.   Scraping ice off the car windshield every morning, bundling up with hats, mitts and scarves still damp from the previous day and slipping and sliding on the icy roads can make one long for mere rain.


Now it is the beginning of December, that month which few would describe as 'the worst' even though the weather can be a hideous combination of the preceding and following month.  Somehow, in December, for most of us, considerations of the weather take a back seat to the festive season, bright lights and bustle.  There are some who find all this depressing, especially if they have recently suffered a loss or for some reason find their lives difficult, but for many the holidays provide a welcome respite from the lack of sunshine and warmth in the air.

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