Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Killing Cats


Read the title of this post and consider yourself warned.  I started paging through a recent issue of [U.S. magazine redacted] which was passed on to me by an employee of a dental office which provides it in the waiting room.  (After some thought I've removed the name of the magazine)   A considerable part of this magazine is about local events in the location where the magazine is published which aren't of particular interest to me but there are always one or two fiction pieces.    It must be an honour to be published in [ redacted ] , a magazine that is, I believe, widely read.   It is available in many professional offices.

I started reading a fiction piece but stopped quite quickly.   I felt a little sick after reading it and after I calmed down I had to wonder if this is what modern readers like to spend their leisure time on.   I'll describe it briefly:   The short story centered on a boy who lived on a farm.   The barnyard had become overrun with cats.  The initial cat(s) belonged to his father, the farmer who hadn't bothered to have it/them neutered.   As a result there were now dozens of neglected, unhealthy and unfed cats in the barn.  The father gives the boy the job of killing all the cats, offering to pay him, I think it was 25 cents a tail.  The tails were to be nailed to the side of the barn.   I won't write anymore as it is unpleasant to me to have written this much.  I'm sorry you've had to read it.  

When I read, or start to read, something like this, I can't help but feel like I must be totally out of step with the rest of the world wherein presumably many like to read stories like this.   I know [ redacted ] hasn't approached me about excerpting any of my works.   Maybe this is more of the 'pushing the envelope' that seems to be one of the current approaches to selling fiction.

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