Sunday, September 16, 2012



The next four posts are some of my writings from one of  the local Writers' Groups I attend.  The prompt the group was given is the title here.   Give it a try yourself!

Walking a small dog in the morning can be a definite pleasure.   The breeze in your hair, the leaves underfoot that you can crunch or kick.   Sometimes you find a lucky penny that seems to forecast a pleasantly eventful day.

Don't forget the benefits of exercise:   improved cardiovascular endurance, more energy, more flexibility.   You'd think that many people would walk every morning even without being the proud owner of a pair of handsome Yorkshire Terriers.  But no, there seems to be no one about on a weekday morning except for a few vehicles departing for work that disturb the solitude from time to time.

But then, an enemy approaches and the quietude is about to be disturbed by an interloper.   Small in size but fearsome in effect.  An ominous feeling hangs in the air in those few moments of anticipation before the inevitable crisis erupts.

A small white poodle has turned the corner.   This,  of course, cannot be tolerated.   The street, indeed the entire neighbourhood, is the sole property of my two dogs and of that they are convinced beyond doubt.   For once they are in agreement.   A cacophony commences and the walk, and its attendant benefits, must, alas, be cut short.

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