Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Camping Vacation

Another piece of inspiration from a prompt (the title) from my writers' group:

Location:   Canoeing on a tranquil lake in southern Ontario.

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Susan thinks:

I don't know why we had to go on this dumb camping trip.   Francine's family has gone to Disneyland and Chrissie flew to New York with her aunt.   Why am I stuck here in this mosquito infested wilderness?

I know why Stuart put me at the front of this double canoe.   It's so I won't be able to see that he's not even paddling.   He always makes me do all the work, just because I'm a little, okay, five years older.  It's so unfair!   I can't wait until I'm old enough to stay home from these dorky family vacations.

Stuart thinks:

Look at Susan, spooning away with her paddle.  No wonder we're not getting anywhere.   I should try to see if I can get a fish or crab or something and put it in her sleeping bag tonight.   That'll teach her to always hog the front seat.   Just 'cause she's the oldest she always gets the best spot.  I'll show her!

Dad says to Mom:

"Look at the kids, working together.   It's so nice to see them cooperating for once."

Mom answers:

"Yes, and they are so focussed on getting their canoe strokes right that they're not even squabbling like they usually do.   And the silence on this lake is so awe-inspiring;  we should do this every year."

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