Wednesday, September 5, 2012



You may have noticed an interesting feature of this brand of blog which is called Blogger and is part of the Gmail family.   In the top frame there is the phrase:   Next Blog.   I often will click on this after I have written a future post and completed my business on this site.   It amazes me what comes up.   You might think it would be another author site but you would be wrong. In fact, I don't think a blog that has anything to do with writing or publishing has ever come up.

But this feature has made me aware of how many people and organizations have started blogs in the past few years.   It may be that I am on the tail end of the movement since mine started in May 2012.   Many blogs seem to have started between 2008 and 2010.  There are blogs from all over the world on many topics.   Some are what I would describe as personal blogs, detailing someone's life and family, others are more of a travel blog and describe a trip or series of trips or vacations.  Some blogs are in foreign languages, some are the property of a church or political group and some belong to crafters of various kinds:   sewing, knitting, crochet.   Then there are the cooks, bakers and chefs who share their creations and struggles.

But to come to the title of this entry of mine:    Many blogs have not had a new post for months or years.   It is as if the blog was a new idea, a new distraction, a new toy that has now lost its early appeal and has been cast aside for some new and more engaging idea.   Twitter, maybe?   Perhaps the bloggers think that no one will ever come across their blog so it doesn't matter that they have abandoned it without a word of goodbye, a final comment on the state of their life or the resolution of the angst that drove them to engage the world in their personal battle.  So I am left to wonder.

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