Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Endurance of Shakespeare

I went to an outdoor production of Macbeth the other evening performed by a well known and talented theatre company.  The weeknight production was virtually sold out.   The language can be difficult to follow and comprehend so it is probably a good thing that many people study the play in high school or college.   But  the theme of greed and blind ambition  and the subsequent descent into madness is unmistakable in its clarity and depiction.  

Books and documentaries have been produced about the true identity of William Shakespeare.   Some believe he a pseudonym for another writer.  The name Christopher Marlowe has been bandied about and has some believers.   The information as to the education and background of Shakespeare leads some to  believe that  he was incapable of producing the great literature that he did.

In any event, what an honour it must be to still be remembered and still performed over four hundred years later.   As could apply to the great composers,  I sometimes wonder what the authors and poets of the past would think if they knew their work was being studied and treasured today.


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