Sunday, August 12, 2012


Planting seeds is a small act of faith for gardeners today.  We look at the package, we study the picture on the front, maybe we even read the instructions as to the depth of implantation and the angle towards the sun.  We have faith in the product and if disappointment  awaits us--well, so what?  

But have archaeologists and anthropologists discovered what made the first person in each little isolated community in pockets of settlement across the globe take that first step, that first action, to move that society from the nomadic life of hunters and gatherers to the beginning of a settled community, a society, a civilization?

What an act of faith or inspiration it was for that person to take that kernel of wild maize and instead of eating it or perhaps saving it for later, to instead stick their finger in the soil, carefully drop in the seed of a future plant and then cover it from sight.  When that first seed germinated, then sprouted and finally grew to harvest, it was a turn in the wheel of time.


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