Sunday, August 26, 2012


I read an interesting blog article recently about a writer who went astray using photographs on her blog, without permission  or payment, that someone else had taken.    Without going into the details, I will just say that she endured serious consequences which were eventually solved by a considerable amount of money.   She  wasn't aware that photographs not specifically designated as free use, belong to someone.

A number of years ago, in another life, I took some courses on costuming for the film industry.  I was surprised to be told that the film business has departments that spent considerable time obtaining permission to use names, locations and even ideas.   Any logo had to be 'greeked' (This meant covering the logo with duct tape  or painting them out or something  similar).  Of course, now, logos are all part of product placement and a source of revenue for the film  and T.V. industry.

The movie and music industries struggle with film piracy which I have read is almost out of control, especially in some countries.     Torrent sites, as they are sometimes called, also allow individuals to download books without payment to the author.    It is difficult to know how these issues will be resolved.  My public library, especially with the inter-library loan system, provides free access to many, many books, CD's and movie DVD's.   That's a partial solution.   I did read, though, that that some publishing companies wanted restrict libraries to only twenty-three (I believe that was the number) e-book borrows before the e-book had to be purchased again.   This is unlike paper books, which can be borrowed until they fall apart.  But I digress.

This photograph has nothing to do with this blog post other than that it was taken by someone I know and I definitely have permission to use it.

                                                        Alhambra, Granada, Spain

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