Sunday, July 22, 2012


I like to read the blogs of other writers as well as those of some literary agents.   They're relatively easy to find as a group--just google 'writer blogs' or 'author blogs' or 'literary agent blogs'  It's fun and interesting to see what others write and I'm not above being inspired to borrow or adapt a topic myself.   There's a large community of writers and others who work in the field and I enjoy getting different perspectives.

I'm a great believer in not re-inventing the wheel.  Someone, somewhere knows the answer to the most picayune question so instead of bashing your head against the proverbial wall, locate that person who has the answer.   I find it difficult to believe now that there was a time when I used to manually number each page of a manuscript, carefully counting the spaces to get to the same spot on the page.   A more computer literate person enquired, in response to my complaint, whether I'd tried 'Paginate Now'.

I remind myself from time to time of the old saying:   There are no dumb questions . . .
I forget how the rest goes!


There's another issue on this topic:  The template that I use for this blog has a place for me to list other blogs that I follow or recommend.   Many bloggers obligingly list a dozen or more.   As I stated above, I do read other blogs regularly;  a few even make it to my already crowded Bookmarks.   Many are about writing or publishing;   some are not.   However, I don't think I'll be listing them here any time soon.

I was reminded of one of the main reasons for this decision this morning.   When I opened, sequentially, the blog roll listed on a site which has posts that are engaging and informative, I found a number of issues that I wonder if the blog owner is aware of.   One site has a final goodbye post, dated months ago, another states they have moved to another site, several others have not made an entry for over three months and one blog states it is 'by invitation only.'

Placing a blog on your site implies, to me, a certain obligation to monitor your recommendations.  Is that person or company still blogging, is the quality and tone still similar to what led you to recommend it in the first place?   One more task to add to a multitude of others.   I'll have to wait until I have more time!                      

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