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I only came across this term recently and discovered reasonably quickly what it refers to.   Goodreads, a book referral and recommendation site, goes as far as to call it 'squeaky clean fiction'.  Books that have  no overt sexual content and little  swearing.   I think it may also mean no graphic violence.  The term 'cozy mystery' evolved to cover mysteries in this vein.   In the romance genre the term, 'sweet romance' indicates a similar style.

Doing a little research uncovers different motivations for the demand for this type of book which crosses all genres.   Quite often it is used to describe novels with religious content.   This is not the case in any of my books but  some people like to read books that have a connection with their personal spiritual life.  Other times, it is parents of older teenagers that like to provide some guidance in reading choices to their children or teachers of English as a Second Language who are looking for adult themes and characters in the books they cover in class but don't want to offend anyone.  I enjoy The No. 1 Ladies Detective Stories which I would say falls into the category of cozy mystery or clean fiction.

It comes down to personal preference and a quick 'look inside' or spending a few minutes at the bookstore will usually suffice.   I remember reading about a movie, I believe it was called Deep Impact, a visually graphic movie about a meteor hitting the earth, which was threatened with the dreaded 'G' rating.   Despite the incredible images of the effect of the meteor's impact,  there was no blood and no swearing but lots of drama and action.   A couple of actors had to shoot a brief irrelevant scene  which conveniently added an 'F' bomb.   Result:   a PG rating.

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