Sunday, July 8, 2012

Artwork and Illustrations

Much of the artwork and illustrations used in my novels is from a company called Dreamstine.  You can find them on-line.   They have photographs and artwork available for free and for purchase at a reasonable price.

When I  have a particular photograph or artwork concept in mind it can take some time to find one that matches my internal vision.   Sometimes I find one that improves on my idea.  If you purchase the softcover version of When Bees Die you'll see that there is a small photograph of a bee on the back cover.  There is also a photograph of a bee on a gerbera flower in an earlier post here.  Dreamstine has many drawings and photographs of bees available and it can be difficult to choose.  But even more difficult to choose than which bee, was which Yorkshire Terrier!  (see post below)


Does this look like a field where pollination workers toil?


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