Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cozy dogs

The Jaswinder Mystery Series (Operatory of Death and Death at Table 15) has a  Yorkshire Terrier named Herbie as one of the minor characters.  (I'd better say that quietly;  Herbie doesn't consider himself 'minor.')  Cozy mystery novels, which is the category these two books fall into, often feature dogs.    I thought it would be fun to spend a little time checking this out and sure enough there are dogs galore.

Now to the breeds:  Corgi, Malamute, Golden Retriever (2), Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd, Great Dane,  Terrier Mix, Yorkshire Terrier (yes, another one!), Collie, Chow, and a Silky Terrier.  I'm sure there are many more--I only spent fifteen minutes making this list.

Why do dogs predominate?  Let me hypothesize:   Cozy mysteries usually involve amateur sleuths who are by nature caring, compassionate and the type of people who love dogs.  (Yes, they are sometimes nosy, but we'll call that curious)

Herbie is not actually Jaswinder's dog although she is not above borrowing him for a good cause.  This intrepid Yorkie is owned by the elderly  Hortense Harrington, a patient in the dental clinic where Jaswinder works.   In addition to being potential sleuthing partners, dogs are also excellent companions and lots of fun.   Sounds like my two spoiled pooches!

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